Below are all the digital art projects I showcase here. Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, critiques, or concerns regarding the below projects. Learn more about me as an artist by glancing at my artist's biography. I have been making some of this artwork into online puzzles.

Title Date Completed Medium
Labyrinth 25 Jun 2018 Digital Painting
Stirring Fire 04 Feb 2018 Digital Painting
Spiked Figure 22 Jan 2018 Digital Painting
Flaming Building 22 Jul 2017 Digital Painting
Conflict Phrases 04 Dec 2013 Digital drawing, digital images, photo editing manipulation
Sustainable Portraits 28 Oct 2013 Drawn atop photos with created scenes behind
Text Only 18 Sep 2013 Adobe InDesign
Genesis Creation Book 07 Dec 2010 Drawn scenes with images of real people
Turned Upside Down 12 Nov 2010 Collected images and scene creation
Essential Treasure 19 Oct 2010 Collected images and scene creation
Mary Hall Nature Shots 29 Sep 2010 DSLR and modified
Scanned Objects 13 Sep 2010 Scanned and modified
CVA SnapShots 08 Jul 2009 Digital Photography
Planet Recipe Art 11 Apr 2009 Drawn, scanned, w/ digital additions
My Second NXT Bot 30 Nov 2006 Digital Photography
Modified Quick-Start NXT Bot 17 Oct 2006 Digital Photography
NXT Legos Set One 15 Aug 2006 Digital Photography
Second Intersession Photos 17 Feb 2006 Digital Photography
Robotic Legos Set 1 22 Oct 2005 Digital Photography
Photos of Nature Around my House 21 Mar 2004 Digital Photography
September 11, 2001 Twin Tower Drawings 11 Sep 2001 Drawings
Airport Book 07 Sep 1995 Drawings