Paper on Charles Sumner’s Equal Rights of All Speech

/ 1 April 2014

In recent months I haven’t been posting papers as regularly. As in, this is the first real paper assignment worthy of such a thing this semester but there were final papers last semester that I didn’t put up here (which I may yet post sometime in the near future). Anyhow, today we had our first paper due for the Rhetoric of Human Rights course I’m in. We were to focus on analyzing the rhetorical context of a primary text from before the 1970s that used the phrase “human rights” in it. Many of us just picked texts we had used in the class itself, myself included. I chose to write on Charles Sumner’s Equal Rights of All speech, or more directly, a small sliver of what is a 150-page long primary text. Feel free to leave me comments on this paper here if you’re so inclined to take the time to read it.