iTunes: Old and New

/ 29 November 2012

Earlier today Apple finally released the most major update of iTunes since September 1st, 2010 when iTunes 10.0 shipped, version 11.0. The entire interface got overhauled, and now the lines between iTunes and the iPad Music app as well as what is locally stored and accessible in your iCloud account or the iTunes Store have been even further blurred to near nothingness. The update is a welcome one in many ways, some to do with interface, some to do with what minor interface tweaks may bring about (mainly the colorful sidebar icons, yes, the sidebar still exists, look in the View menu), and some to do with ability to pause and restart music even when not in the view where that music is displayed and other minor features that were added. When doing a completely different task I ran across a recent screenshot of iTunes 10.x, and had taken one of iTunes 11.0 to send my mom, so I thought I’d put them both here side-by-side for comparison and to see how extensive the changes are (iTunes 10 on top and iTunes 11 below, both in full-screen mode). Screenshot 2012 11 26 at 7 48 05 PM </br></br> Screenshot 2012 11 29 at 8 41 13 PM If you haven’t already, go install iTunes 11, I’ve certainly not run into any problems with it. Quite a solid initial release, which makes me glad Apple pushed it back a month.