Day by Day Turns 10!

/ 5 November 2012

One decade ago was the first ever blog post on Day by Day. You can see it in context or as it appears today, your choice. I suggest diving deeper into the Wayback Machine’s archive and seeing what my homepage looked like then as well. Though technically my blog came into existence after my mom’s in 2003, we back-posted entries from the journal I kept during the Groveland Park Elementary School 5th grade Widjiwagan trip, which took place in November of 2002. So for all practical purposes as you’d be able to see it my blog’s 10th birthday is today. Happy birthday Day by Day! Please do explore the archived websites and see where this blog, and my website more broadly, got its start. What a treasure trove of memories recorded in there! Now that I’ve completely sidetracked you all I’ll shut up and let you either stay sidetracked or get back to whatever it is you should be doing right now.