TotW: 2011-04-23 to 2011-04-29

/ 29 April 2011
  • is trying to figure out how to visually represent "nonviolence" in his FYS presentation. Do any fellow pcst classmates have suggestions? ->
  • has been playing around with adding images and symbols to his presentation slides for tomorrow afternoon. It's actually been quite fun. ->
  • is excited for getting his presentation dealt with in FYS this afternoon. Wish him luck around 2:40 pm. ->
  • wonders which will be more painful: FYS presentation around 2:50 OR The blog posts regarding one year ago toda‚Ķ (cont) ->
  • a year ago was probably still oblivious to exactly what was to come in no time at all... ->
  • was probably writing source code exactly a year ago, not reading articles for a class. ->
  • was a year ago in the room with his as of just then late great-grandmother... ->
  • a year ago was most likely still Skyping with family back home, regardless of it being past midnight in Vienna. ->
  • doesn't quite know why he has already packed stuff up for his mom to take home next Friday, but he has. ->