TotW: 2011-04-09 to 2011-04-15

/ 15 April 2011
  • had a great first 1/2 of his day spent eating brunch & walking in the arboretum w/ his dad... Now to do at least some work for this debate. ->
  • already feels like he's had a full day... And only now is he beginning to do the academic work he has to do today. ->
  • just realized that this week is the final straight Monday-Friday academic week of the semester. All other weeks aren't 5 straight days... ->
  • This is really kind of fun, especially considering what my FYS topic is... #fyssm ->
  • inadvertently found out that 3-finger swiping in iCal will move you forward or backward in whatever view you're using. ->
  • doesn't like being woken up by the fire alarm... We'll see how much sleep I get tonight. ->
  • believe it or not is actually looking forward to what he'll be in the middle of in 24 hours in Theory and Practice of Nonviolence... ->
  • reading these Bedford pages while editing his research paper draft sounds like an excellent plan, doesn't it. ->
  • is done with the discussion leading assignment in PCST and it went well! ->