Comparison of the Civil Rights Movement and the Liberal Feminism Movement

/ 6 April 2011

This morning I turned in the second (of three) paper assignments for my American Experience course. The assignment was to compare the methods of the Civil Rights Movement with either the methods of the Liberal Feminism Movement or the methods of the Radical Feminism Movement. We were then to account for and assess why these methods were chosen. I chose to compare the Civil Rights Movement with the Liberal Feminism Movement in my paper. The paper went through several unofficial rough drafts wherein some of the content shifted as well as grammatical fixes getting applied. For this final 1/3 of the course (what constitutes all of less than 6 weeks, counting Easter Break and Finals Week) we’ll be discussing the American Dream in an age of global power and economy. Feel free to read this paper and comment on it here. Be looking for my final American Experience paper (as well as my FYS Research Paper) on May 10th and 11th as I post them shortly after turning them in during Finals Week.