TotW: 2011-03-26 to 2011-04-01

/ 1 April 2011
  • has literally spent most of the past 6 hours writing sections of his FYS research paper weeks ahead of when he probably should #fyssm ->
  • probably has about 12 pages of content for his research paper in very rough form but will wait till Apr. 5th to put it in 1 document. #fyssm ->
  • likes that it is staying light later into the evenings again. ->
  • This is certainly not the one of the nicer (think Find my iPhone) iPhone theft stories: Quite the opposite actually. ->
  • was already planning to back up his Mac this evening for his weekly backup and now definitely will So should you. ->
  • hopes this next year of his life won't be similar to this last year in terms of how many people he or those he knows knew who died... ->