The Final Week of the 2008-09 School Year!!

/ 31 May 2009

June 9th, just 9 days from now, is the final true day of the Avalon school year. However, it is this Friday, June 5th, that the 2008-09 academic school year comes to a complete and final close. WOW!!! For the past 5 years I’ve been in a year-round school (Crosswinds), but putting that small but important detail aside the last 4th of this school year has gone by in a blur of quick and one-directly-after-the-other events. A week before last Friday I finalized my final true independent project of the year (the Red River project), and in the next two days have a finalization each day for my other two independent projects. My summer (which consists of many things I hope to talk about here later on) partly includes the Ancient Greek and World Classics summer project that will be proposed and most likely accepted this Wednesday. Then, on Thursday at 9:20 I will be giving my final speech for the Iraq seminar (I’ll post the text here by the end of that evening). At that time literally every single piece of non-in-class academic work for this school year will be completed (except for small pieces of the end-of-block checklist)! Just WOW, that I’ve come so far this past year in what feels like so little time is amazing. But I do have my transcript which states the credits and standards that I’ve earned as a record. This week, like the past many weeks, I’m sure will go by too fast and then I’ll find myself 7 days from now looking ahead to two short days of earning Community Credit at Avalon getting ready for this summer’s renovations and my summer plans. The two best deliverables this year were my Poetry Book as the first deliverable and my Planet Recipe Cards as my second-to-last deliverable because of the art involved in their production. This has been a good, yet way to fast, year. I’m glad that I’ve engrained it as part of the deliverable process to make my project output available to the world on my website. I look forward to this last week and then a summer that is energetic, productive (for my own hobbies as well as my senior year at Avalon), and on top of all fun! One bright note for you all is that I’m very likely to be blogging a lot more over the summer then I have been during the past many months of the school year because I won’t be nearly as busy with very important things to get done on time. Enjoy, Alex.