WebPDF: A Website PDF Maker

/ 17 February 2009

I just want to say a little bit about a tool I recently downloaded called WebPDF, that prints PDF documents from a website URL you enter (the above link is a direct download link to a ZIP Archive of the application, when a real webpage on the app specifically is made I’ll link it here instead). One might ask why even have tools that are good for this purpose only, especially because Mac OS X has it’s own way of printing anything to a PDF document through the Print dialog. Well, there is a single advantage to using software like this, it will print the document without any annoyingly placed page breaks. Now, there are tons of of applications out on the internet that do this, but WebPDF is one of those few that are free. To tell the truth, WebPDF is the only one out on the internet that is written by my dad, Eric Celeste (I actually get mentioned in the About dialog). He ran into the problem of page breaks in webpage prints a week or so ago, and instead of paying for an application to do this simple task he just built off of one of Apple’s own ADC examples and threw together this simple application in about a day. The reason I link to the direct file download above is because he hasn’t yet gotten around to making a webpage for it yet, this blog post’s single page is honestly the most extensive thing WebPDF currently has to a webpage of it’s own (and, of course, is just part of my blog). I know for a fact that there are some enhancements that Eric wishes to add in the future, so expect that over the next couple months updates will come (though this is the extent that I’ll mention the app here on my blog, the app does have self-updating, so you’ll be told of the updates from within WebPDF). Feel free to comments on the app either here or somewhere on his blog (linked from his name above). Enjoy, Alex.