Foxmarks Bookmark Sync Service

/ 11 February 2009

On Sunday I found and set up a useful little prefpane/ optional menu item-based tool for Safari. The name of this tool is Foxmarks, and has been around for a long time as a Firefox extension. What I found was their not even two days old Safari (10.5-only) version. This background application, once set up with a free Foxmarks account, will sync up all your menu and bar bookmarks (bookmark collections to come in future months) to their servers for backup, online access, and the ability to sync to any other supported browser/ operating system every 30 minutes. I’ve had this installed for half a week now and have no intentions to ever uninstall it, and in fact to install it on any other non-shared computer whose web browser is supported and I use regularly. I don’t even have another computer for which this is useful for yet, just another web browser on the same computer, but at least I’ve embedded the infrastructure so that the second I do have another computer I can just look up my login on my iPod Touch and have all my browser bookmarks without even using the browser much beforehand. Like a few other tools, Foxmarks is essentially a must-have for any non-MobileMe users to get some of the same functionality for free. Enjoy, Alex.