Security Update 2008-007 Released

/ 9 October 2008

Just a few hours ago Apple released their 7th security update of 2008, Security Update 2008-007. This update is 31.1 MB, and like all other security updates in the past requires a reboot. It patches several holes in Mac OS X 10.4.11 and Mac OS X 10.5.5, including some discovered by outside security teams (Google among others). The system components that received fixes in this update include: Apache, Certificates, ClamAV, ColorSync, CUPS, Finder, launchd, libxslt, Networking, Postfix, PSNormalizer, QuickLook, rlogin, Script Editor, Single Sign-On, and vlm. As always, the recommendations for installing reboot-requiring updates involves a bootable backup, waiting for the flood of early adopters to report in, and having a high level of patience for your Mac as it will get through rebooting after the update in a month or so. Enjoy, Alex.