Farewell .Mac And Welcome MobileMe

/ 9 July 2008

Well, it is 8:00 pm Central Time (which is 6:00 pm on the West Coast). Apple is scheduled to take .Mac offline for the final time any minute now. These are quite literally the final minutes of .Mac’s existence. Apple promises that by 12:00 Midnight on the West Coast (2:00 am Central Time) they’ll have MobileMe online and fully functioning.. We’ll see in the morning how well the transition actually went. They say that one of the system requirements for MobileMe is iTunes 7.7, which as of yet has not been released. After I install it I’ll check to see what prefpane is in System Preferences for their Web Service (.Mac of MobileMe). This is due to the fact that they may use a postinstall script to switch the interfaces. If it isn’t switched, then I’ll check while at school tomorrow to see if it “magically” changed. Anyway, Farewell .Mac and (a little prematurely) Welcome MobileMe! Enjoy, Alex.