Confirmed In The Roman Catholic Church

/ 21 May 2008

Last Sunday (May 18, 2008) I was Confirmed in the Roman Catholic church. The reason I have not posted on this until now is that I didn’t have a picture to add to the post, nor did I know exactly what I was going to say. In fact, both Eric and Mary have already posted on my Confirmation.

It was a very joyful and powerful afternoon for me, and I was (still am) quite glad that I made it through the process of yearlong (since September) preparation for the sacrament. I enjoyed the entire experience of being confirmed and being present while all the other 200 or so teenagers at the Cathedral that day were being confirmed. Even throughout the joyous feelings and actions that were flooding through my body during the service there was a significant sadness that I felt during it as well. That sadness was for the fact that my mentor had just had surgery, and therefore could not actually make it to the ceremony. His wife stepped in as my mentor, but I was still immensely (though quite transparently) saddened that he could not make it.

Overall my Confirmation was nice enough, the service was quite different than I’m used to mainly because it was at the Cathedral, but also because of the size of things and what was happening at it. You can see the picture I decided to add below.


Enjoy, Alex.