Trip To Colorado Springs (The Flight)

/ 10 November 2007

During the first half-week of the intersession I’m going to be in Colorado Springs celebrating my grandfather’s 70th birthday. This entry will explain in great detail the journey there. Before I start, note that I’m writing this from the Northwest airplane but posted it the next day.

We are on the same flight as my grandfather (he was here for “stuff”). The flight was boarded fast, and we thought we were about to leave when half of an announcement came through. An hour later a second announcement was made saying that the brakes were broken, but that they had the parts to fix them by the plane and would be done in 30 minutes. 40 minutes later the captain had good and bad news. The bad news: the plane had more problems and would take 1.5 hours more to fix (at 10:00 pm). The good news: an alternative plane was ready at a gate on the other side of the airport. So we all transfered to this second plane. By 11:10 pm we’ve managed to be airborne (we were originally scheduled for a 9:30 pm departure). Hopefully we’ll be in a bed by 1:00 am.

My next posts will be about what we do in Colorado, both Dick’s party and everything else. Enjoy, Alex.