YouTube And Front Row

/ 26 July 2007

We all know that the Apple TV and the iPhone both have dedicated YouTube categories. But when it comes to Front Row 1.3, there isn’t such section under the “Videos” category. I think (and I’m sure many others will agree with me) that Front Row 2.0 (10.5) ought to have this feature. What I’m also saying is, will it let us auto sign-in to YouTube accounts. If it does, that would force it to have it’s own System Preference pane, and that may subsequently make it easier for us to get to the already existent (but few) preferences for Front Row. Anyway, my bet is that when we all get to explore Front Row in Leopard that one thing we’ll enjoy is the “remote” access to YouTube. The other thing we’ll learn is what transition they use, as the “circle/ spin” is directly based on the circle-shaped main menu, which we know Front Row under 10.5 won’t have.