iPhoto Roll Meshing Ability

/ 13 July 2007

This afternoon I’ve spent quite some time (not including logging out and back in due to loginwindow.app not responding) combining rolls of photos in iPhoto to make less of them for organizational purposes. This entry is primarily meant to mention this neat feature of iPhoto to you. The way you use it is simply dragging rolls onto each other. The only annoying thing about it is that it will open the combined roll and show the newly added pictures while they’re selected. This can get very annoying when you’re moving around rolls with over 100 pictures in them. Also, if that doesn’t happen I’ve learned that it’s a sign that the loginwindow.app isn’t responding.

In my case that exact thing (loginwindow.app not responding) has happened all too often and since I need to log out and back in (forced, not quit) it happening twice a week (on Sunday and now today) this week has been very annoying.