Essay On My Special Gifts

/ 28 June 2007

The essay that was assigned this week was to write about the special gifts that I have and tell a responsibility for each. The essay itself is in the extended section of this blog post, but there’s more I need to say about it before you read the essay. That is simply that at the end of the essay I hand the reader a challenge to do their own essay/ list after the read my essay. What I have to say about that is that you can feel free to add your notes if you do the challenge into a comment on this blog post. My Special Gifts And The Responsibilities That Come Along With Those Special Gifts Alex Celeste 070625

I will both list for you the special gifts I think that I got and provide some feedback on each one of them. Then, in a second paragraph I will describe the responsibilities that come with each one of those gifts and what my feelings are about having those responsibilities. The final paragraph is my conclusion paragraph, in it I will be giving you a small challenge to do relating to what this essay was about. 

The first special gift that I count myself to have is the good sense of maps and geography, now I really love this gift and expect that throughout my life it will come in handy in many ways. My second special gift is the deep knowledge of computers that I have, now that is one special gift that I like having a lot. A very nice special gift that I have and like a lot is the large imagination that I have. One of my special gifts (in a way) that I'm not as fond of is being a big brother, that is for many reasons that I'll describe in the next paragraph.

I'll describe the responsibilities in the same order as their special gifts were mentioned above. The responsibility that comes with my great understanding of geography and ability to keep maps tucked away in my memory is that I'd be expected to know where I am lots of the time, now that responsibility I like because it gives me a certain amount of control in some ways. The responsibility that comes with knowing computers inside and out is that I'd be expected to know how to fix almost any issues that someone may have with their computer, I love that responsibility as I like helping people fix problems that they're having with their computers. The second responsibility tied to my deep knowledge of computers is that when someone needs a tool that OS X doesn't have I feel like maybe trying to make it for them since I understand some of the basic languages for programming under the OS X platform. When it comes to my gift of a wide imagination the responsibility there is that I'm able to create good ideas and plans and possibly foresee how they will turn out using my wide imagination, I love that responsibility a lot. My final responsibility is tied to me being a big brother and therefore older than my brother (Nathaniel). That responsibility is to keeping an eye on littler people than myself, especially for family members. That responsibility is the one that I like the least because it in it's own ways puts me in some control and serious responsibility for the younger people in my life.

I'll leave you here as the reader with the thought and challenge of making your own list of special gifts and attaching at least one good thing about having each of them and at least one bad thing about having each of them. That challenge will in itself force you to find at least one responsibility that comes with each special gifts. Good luck and enjoy, Alex.