Both Of My Weblog Related Softwares That I Use Have Been Updated

/ 10 June 2007

Within the past week both of the pieces of software that I use for writing posts to my weblog and reading other weblogs have been updated. I use MarsEdit to write weblog entries and it’s been updated to version 1.2. Then to read weblogs I use NetNewsWire and it’s been updated to version 3.0. If you’ve previously owned a copy of either of these softwares the license is still valid in these updates. Also, remember that a license for one is also valid as a license to the other. The preliminary features that have been added to MarsEdit are auto check for app updates, Growl notifications, and support for two more weblog engines. Features that have been enhanced or fixed are date panel bugs, context menu item for “Copy URL” when control-clicking on published entries, MoveableType time zone bug fixed, memory leaks fixed, and image uploading enhanced. The features that have been added to NetNewsWire are desktop integration (includes Spotlight support, iApp support, Growl, and in 10.5 Time Machine), more viewing options, performance enhancements (based on a redo of the backside storage directory), “sort by attention” option, printing, emailing, smart lists, flagging, auto-add to iTunes, auto check for app updates. Enjoy, Alex