MacBook Fan Notes

/ 5 June 2007

The first thing that is good to know about the fans inside the MacBook computers to keep them cool is that they are totally CPU-cotrolled. That means that with the basic installation and usage of a MacBook the user will have no control over when the fans turn on and at what speed they turn on at. The next important thing that MacBook users should know are that they take up a lot of power. That means that if you’re running your MacBook on battery and the fans turn on your MacBook will really quickly use up it’s whole battery and need to recharge much quicker than the older macs (like the iBooks) simply because the older macs didn’t have fans on the CPU to help with the temperature control. The next thing to note is that the fans aren’t OS controlled. Therefore they can stay on and/ or turn on when the MacBook is asleep. Within the first two weeks of using my new MacBook I’ve noticed all of these happening. To begin, during our past week-long trip around Austria Eric hid his MacBook and my MacBook in his closet with some of his shirts wrapped around them. When we returned his MacBook was practically on reserve battery and mine had 28% remaining. That automatically made it clear that both our MacBooks had been fighting with each other using their fans. Right there you notice that the fans clearly take up lots of power and can be activated when the macs are asleep.