One VERY Unfortunate Wii-Related Accident

/ 20 April 2007

About 3 to 4 weeks ago (it may have been less time or more time) my dad set Nathaniel’s Wii down on the floor by his bed. Later that day he ran his left shin into it and left with it bleeding. This specific part of his body was injured when he was a still a kid and never quite healed properly. As a result any time he simply scratches that part of his body it goes deeper than normal and could prove very problematic. So you can see how this simple little scratch could be a big problem. He thought that the best thing for the wound would be to let it air out and not cover it with anything. A few days later his arms broke out in a rash and bug bite sized red bumps started to appear. We thought that this was caused by the laundry detergent that we were using. The odd thing about that is that Mary’s, Nathaniel’s, and my skin is more sensitive than Eric’s skin. We stopped using that detergent for his clothes and instead used just softener. That did help a bit but in the long run the rash and bumps were getting larger and were spreading to his body and across his skin all the way down to his feet. It was at that point that he called the NurseLine connected with our health insurance. Though them he started to try and make a doctors appointment to deal with the rash/ bumps.

This Monday (the 16th) he was moving a bed to give heater repair folks access to a radiator and when he bent down to push the bed he heard a terrible pop/ cracking sound. After looking underneath himself and noticing that nothing was there he got very afraid that it was his own knee. When he got up he immediately noticed that his knee was swelling. From an earlier elbow injury he jumped to the diagnosis of Bursitis. He found it very hard to walk and initially got stuck in bed.

Tuesday was his appointment for his skin and it turned out that our insurance sent him to a gynecologist, not a generalist. The only thing that the gynecologist could do for him was make an appointment the for the next day at 9:00 am with a orthopedic doctor. The orthopedic doctor drained his knee of the fluids and told him that he couldn’t walk much for 3 weeks.

For a day he was stuck in bed and getting partially bored and such. He was on LOTS of medication that was prescribed by the orthopedic doctor. Around now is when Eric wrote a story.

That evening was his appointment with the skin doctor. At that appointment the doctor said that the skin and the knee both are part of an infection that came though from his shin. The doctor suggested a 10-day hospital stay to control the infection but said that the same recovery may be possible at home. Of course Eric choose to try recovering at home. On Wednesday he has a follow-up appointment and that’s when they’ll decide if he needs to be hospitalized.

Today he his on many many drugs to try and stop this infection and is spending most of his time in bed. As of this moment I have 43 pictures in my iPhoto library (including X-Rays) pertaining to this infection and will no doubt get more before it’s completely gone. Genießen, Alex