Inheriting An iPod

/ 10 February 2007

Way back at the start of Apple’s iPod revolution as I like to call it now my family got my mom an iPod, the original (now classic) iPod. She used it for a few years but recently it’s been sitting in her closet not being touched. Yesterday she decided to give it to me since I didn’t have an iPod at the time. That night I spent a total of 10 minutes reformatting the iPod to get it to sync up with my iTunes library on my mac. Shockingly I managed this, both my dad and I were half-assuming that the iPod was too old for the new way of syncing iPods to their “father” iTunes libraries. But it took me no time at all to set it up and sync it. The only question I have now is what’s it’s battery life like, and that’s being tested right now. Currently it seems to have used up half it’s battery in just close to an hour and ten minutes, so I’m assuming close to 3 hours tops on the battery. That combined with my iBook G4’s 4:45 to 5 hour battery is at tops about 8 hours of usage for the 14-or-so hour in-flight time of the two flights that I’m taking to get from here to Wien (Vienna in german) in just nearly 3 to 4 days. In general even if the iPod doesn’t have that long of a battery life and needs to stay plugged in a lot, it’s HD is a better one to be running for long length’s of time just to play music than the internal one inside my mac is.