Quickly Reversed

/ 20 January 2007

Until halfway though this week my iBook G4 was faster than my dad’s laptop. But that was when he was using a PowerBook G4, now he has a MacBook to use. I do know, however, that for some tasks my iBook G4 will be the faster mac because it is PPC-based, and there are some tasks that are PPC-only, and Intel macs (because they’re Intel-based) won’t be able to run those apps/ libraries as fast as my mac can. In general both my dad and I have noticed just how much better some of the simpler parts of the computer are. For example, when my dad was outside yesterday, he could see his MacBook’s screen entirely, one thing that ALL other Apple screens have failed at. My iBook G4 is good enough for me now, but since it’s AppleCare is about to run out, I imagine that (sadly, due to the expense) I’ll be needing a MacBook before the year is out. But, since the system(s) (10.4.x, 10.5.x) can/ will run perfectly on my mac, it won’t hurt for me to use a PPC mac, especially if more software is PPC-based, and not Intel compatible yet. The one thing that my dad did that he hadn’t much before (if ever), was use Apple’s migration assistant to copy all his files from one mac to the other. Given how well it worked for him, I’ve made my final decision of to how to transfer my data when I have a new mac, I’ll for sure be using the migration assistant. But, I won’t be in the same way as most would use it, instead of doing it during the initial setup, I’ll set up my admin account, and then use the migration assistant within it to bring over my account, my visitor account, and my shared files.