Key To Decoding The Panic Log

/ 29 November 2006

If your log has identifiers for the .kext files then this won’t help, but if your log is like mine and has numerical sequences instead of identifiers then this will help. The sequences to look at are these: {0x002FE0C4 0x002FF84C 0x002B6494 0x002EA2C8 0x0008B364 0x0002921C}, those are (as far as I know) the load addresses to 1 or more .kext files, found a few lines down in a specific event of logging). Now, open “System Profiler” (/Applications/Utilities/System and choose “Extensions” in the right sidebar. After it loads (and the loading takes a while) you’ll see a list of all the .kext (kernel extension) files that are on your mac and loaded into the kernel. You can choose one at random and you’ll be given a good amount of information on that .kext file. The 6th bit of information is the load address, that number is the number that should then match up with one or more of the numerical sequences in your panic log. Now, I haven’t yet confirmed this theory, nor have I found out what each one of the different numerical sequences (load addresses) stand for in the log, but I’m sure that I’ve found the key bit of information to help greatly in decoding the log, and in the end knowing what caused a specific panic. Enjoy, Alex.