More Kernel Info

/ 28 November 2006

For the past hour or so I’ve been searching for the key to decoding the numeric ID’s that the “panic.log” refers to the extensions by. So far nothing useful has been found. However, I did learn a few more hints to this puzzle. First, I verified with Apple’s documentation that there are in fact multiple types of log formats that the system can write, and that neither is worse than the other, it’s just that one is a LOT harder for the user to decode. Second, I learned that some of the kernel logging abilities aren’t yet compatible with the Intel macs (that too I read in Apple’s online documentation), though that doesn’t yet affect me, it is a hint that may mean that there are also defects in the PPC kernel logging that may affect the panicking or the way it logs the panics. Thirdly, I read that on rare occasions hardware issues can force a kernel panic, and I’ve been running the same system though 2 motherboards now, as well, recently my iBook G4’s case broke, and that may lead to less tightness in the inner-workings. The other fact about the last few panics my mac has had is that they all have occurred when it’s been on an uneven surface (a bed or my lap). Enjoy, Alex.