Some Changes To Note

/ 27 November 2006

Recently you may have noticed that my blog has made a significant change in it’s user interface. Well, you may not realize that this change goes deeper than the interface. For the past many years our family has been hosting our internet sites from an old mac laptop under a desk in our house. But in preparation for some BIG changes I’ll blog about in the new year we have started to move all our sites off this old laptop onto a hosting service, Site5. My blog was one of the more recent things we moved from one place to the other. Within that transfer we moved my blog from being a Moveable Type blog to being a WordPress blog. I have to admit, WordPress has been MUCH easier a system to administrate than Moveable Type ever was. I’m mentioning this to you so you can give me feedback on how the blog is now that it’s been completely redone. Even those of you that read this via RSS should tell me how it is working out (the subscriptions I mean). Please note that to comment on my blog you need to register with my blog (just a WordPress requirement). As far as I know all the old links still work to get to the sites (it’s just the permalinks that got messed up in the transfer). Enjoy my new blog, Alex.