Clever Truck For NXT Robots

/ 27 November 2006

If you’re trying to think of a smart and simple way to connect your driving motors up to your NXT, try what I did. I used the bottom 12 technique pin-holes to attach 4 of those “L” shaped pieces (1 every three pin-holes. Then I attached the driving motors to the bottom pin of the front L-beams with the middle 3 pin-hole pieces (by now you should see where this is going). The back of the driving motors are connected using 9-pin-hole long beams at a diagonal position going up towards the back 2 L-beams. Put a 3-long pin in the last pin-hole facing outwards. Then use a 3-long beam to connect the back L-beams to the 3-long pins. In the end you’ll end up with a strong NXT-based driving truck for your NXT robots. Note that this method only works if your NXT is running on Lego’s Li-Ion battery (so you don’t need to take it apart to replace the batteries each month, it gives you full access to the AC-in port). The advantage to this method is that you’ll have all the pin-holes on the sides of the NXT to attach sensors and extras. The only problem I have with it is that the “reset” button is hidden by the L-beams. Later I should have pictures up for you to look at to better understand this method of wheel attaching. Enjoy, Alex.