Kernel Panic Problems

/ 26 November 2006

For the past few weeks my iBook G4 has been having at least 1 kernel panic a weekend (this may be just a coincidence, but it’s still quite odd that it’s been once a week). Yesterday I had one, and today I had one again. I’ve tried to trace back the logs to figure out what keeps causing these panics, but currently I’ve had no success. Tracing the logs back wasn’t hard until I was looking for the “dump”, when looking for that I got stumped and needed the internet to continue (however at time of this writing and at time of tracing I’m in a car). I’m also assuming that the panics haven’t been that serious since it hasn’t taken my computer more than 1 minute to get to the login window (and I’ve known a few people whose kernel panic restarts take up to 20 minutes). I also know that I only have system-installed kernel extensions, that is nothing extra has been installed on my mac that included an extra kernel extension (a piece of software that NEEDS to be active ALL the time the mac is on and awake). If I never am able to trace the logs back to the source of the panic, then I’ll probably reinstall the OS (that would make my computer run a fresh set of extensions which may be the problem, as it may be one of the extensions itself that is corrupted somehow). It does happen to be the case that the currently installed system is one that has been installed since an older motherboard (a while back my computer had a WAY more serious issue {that is kernel panics aren’t serious at all} that required us to replace the motherboard), and that could mean that in fact there may be some files that are hurt and periodically cause kernel panics. When (and if) I find the cause(s) for these panics, I’ll write a post explaining them in as much detail as I can just in case any of you run into the same issues.