Odd Security Issue

/ 25 November 2006

You may or may not know that OS X has the ability to require the user’s password on waking from sleep or screensaver to be able to see the screen and use the mac. For the past 2 years I’ve been relying on that function for security when at school. However, I’ve now stopped using it due to the fact that it has been taking a long time to let me type my password, and just before it lets me the computer goes to sleep, after waking it up again it is then ready for me to type my password. I’ve only woken my computer up once since deactivating this feature, but that one time it has gone straight to usability and not fallen back into sleep. I’m planning on waiting till 10.5 now before trying this feature out again (I trust enough of my fellow students and teachers to allow this not to become a huge issue). If this keeps happening even without authentication then I’ll at least know that it’s not that step. Also, if this has happened to you, you should tell me in the comments so I know that it’s not just me. Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving, Alex.