2.9 Downloading, Way Cooler Than 2.5.4 Downloading

/ 23 November 2006

Robolab 2.9 has a way cooler downloading procedure than Robolab 2.5.4 did. That procedure is completely described here. First, when you press the “Run” button (or Command-R) it gives you a dialog that has a image of your computer, with an arrow pointing to three smaller images that are buttons, one is of a RCX, one is of a NXT, and one is of the CLI. You press the button of what brick your program is meant for (note that the Scout is behind the RCX button). If you choose the RCX, the downloading process runs equivalent to the old one, if it the CLI good question (I don’t have a CLI, so I don’t know how it works), if it’s the NXT then you get another dialog that shows the progress of the download (it goes so fast I barely see it), and then the dialog turns into a image of the NXT with the program you downloaded in it’s screen, below that is line that shows the amount of memory used on the brick, then there are the buttons of the brick (with the “Enter” button fully functional to remotely activate program you just downloaded), and in the bottom-right hand corner of the brick there is a battery status bar (it doesn’t help much for when you have a Li-Ion battery powering the NXT). That is how the downloading works within the 2.9 Robolab (aside from the debugger that will kick in at that point if the brick thinks your program won’t work well {or at all}).