Robolab 2.9

/ 19 November 2006

Today I decided to order Robolab 2.9, the next version up from the current Robolab version that I have (2.5.4). This version adds the NXT into the programming range, and adds a LOT more abilities for the RCX. In all, $49.00 isn’t a bad price to have a more stable piece of software for the NXT, and more abilities for the RCX. The only problem is that it’s an upgrade, meaning that you need 2.5.4 previously installed to install 2.9 (this is no problem for me, but for you guys it might be). I’ve even re-installed 2.5.4 to make sure that the 2.9 installation has a proper folder to install into. From here on out I’ll not be using the commercial software for the NXT, therefore anything I mention about software will not be talking about “Mindstorms NXT”, and instead will be talking about “Robolab 2.9”. My only worry is that Robolab 2.9 will require my NXT to have a separate version of firmware, but that’s quite unlikely.