Possible 10.5 Issues (1, ?)

/ 26 October 2006

There are two main applications in 10.5 that prove problematic, Spaces, and Time Machine. To start, Spaces is an app that lets you have 4 desktops, this means 4 times as much CPU power all the time. Then Time Machine seems as though it will eat up all you HD space. Although, I’ve done some serious hunting around on my HD and found a interesting folder, /.Trashes, this folder is a “drop box” folder so I can’t see what’s in it, furthermore it won’t display how big it is and shows that it’s empty. Now, that may be enough to dismiss it as empty and nothings in it, however, just above it is the /.Spotlight folder, and it acts just the same, yet all of us know that it has the indexing for our Spotlight searches. Now, since that too is a “hidden” folder (and I’m using a applescript to glance at them) you may still say that it could not count, however, each user’s “Drop Box” acts just the same, and you could easily know that data is in those. In conclusion, you can say that it is quite possible that our computers already have the data for Time Machine, or you can join me and many others in assuming that we will have half the HD space after 1 day of Leopard use. Enjoy, Alex