/ 26 July 2006

This is a cool, customizable application. It comes as 2 main interfaces, one in the menu bar on the right side, and the other activated by hot corners and keyboard shortcuts. The menus include: This Mac, which can be volumes, applications, system preferences, documents, music, pasteboards, and much more hidden in each of those. The second menu is Bookmarks, which can be info, comics, apple, your address book, and your safari bookmarks. The last menu bar item is not a menu, but a quick search engine typing field, you can choose from google (all, images, groups, and directory), Teoma, Yahoo, Hotbot, and the search engine folders news, dictionaries, computers, shopping, and miscellaneous. It also has a docklet which can be in either of the four corners, and a hidden section (the keyboard shortcuts and hot corners) which has it’s abbreviations system (it’s own spotlight only for its indexed items), and a window search system same as the menu one. You can also make your own hidden items. All that and more, it’s quite nice and a helpful application. Download it from the makers site. Enjoy, Alex