Not-Needed NXT System Files

/ 19 July 2006

If you’re running out of space on your NXT, open the NXT panel,, chose “Memory” in the software and feel free to delete the following system files.

RPGReader.sys Demo.rxe Try-Touch.rtm Try-Light.rtm Try-Sound.rtm Try-Ultrasonic.rtm Try-Motor.rtm Woops.rso faceopen.ric faceclosed.ric ! Startup.rso ! Click.rso ! Attention.rso

You will lose, 1) the ability to use the “NXT Program” system, 2) the “Try Me” functions, 3) the funny sounds the NXT makes when it is turned on, downloaded to, or when you press the front panel buttons. To regain these files re-download the NXT firmware from the software.