Phantom Code Blocks

/ 18 July 2006

I’m one of those mindstorms users who makes my own wires and sensors on occasion, and would like to be able to use them fully integrated into the included software. I spent about an hour one day reading through the application web-based help, and noticed help documentation on sensor blocks not shown in the software block palettes! These blocks are meant to be used with the educational sensor/ motor RCX-to-NXT adapter, but the NXT can’t tell the software what code blocks to allow the user to use and not to use. And, as far as I can tell, there is no sign of those sensor blocks, meaning especially temperature. My only guess is that somewhere on some lego website there is a add-on downloadable installer for those blocks, like on the education site. But the education world will not be using the software that comes with the shop-at-home NXT set, they’ll be using Robolab 2.9. So they won’t support any downloads for those blocks. If I happen to find (and download/ install) any extra blocks, I’ll post the link here.