Back From A Weeklong Trip To Cleveland, OH

/ 29 May 2006

Saturday I got back from a weeklong trip to Ohio to visit my dad’s family. Overall the trip was a nice trip, great weather, good company, but best of all I met my newest cousin on the trip. She is only 2 months old and was very cute, see photos of her here. We spent most of the time with my grandmother and her next door neighbors (one of my many aunts and her daghter). Each morning we went swimming at the pool and didn;t eat anything until about 10:00 am. All of us enjoyed the trip (except my mom who was in Wyoming, not in Ohio with us). We also got to play around with a MacBook when we were there because one of my aunts got one, we spent most of the first day (until 12:00 am) copying all her data from her old iBook and external hard drives to her MacBook. We also spent the rest of the week troubleshooting issues that she was having with her iPhoto and iTunes libraries. In the end we had to use her iPod to restore her iTunes library. On the way back I was on a plane I had never seen or been in before, a plane that had it’s wings and engines above the passengers. It was actually quite cool seeing how the flaps worked (I had a window seat directly behind the engines/ wings). Now I’m looking forward to August when I will see them all again at Kelley’s Island for the annual family fest/ reunion. b