Apple’s MacBook Is Out!!

/ 17 May 2006

Luckily I won’t need one for at least another year (my applecare for my iBook G4 lasts that long), but I did go to an apple store to look at the replacement when I do need a new laptop. Here’s my thoughts and views/ description of when I handled the MacBook. At first glance it looked slicker, and thinner. However, when I looked deeper at it I noted the iSight on light, and the power system. A brief description of that: a magnetic holder for the power adapter (which the transformer for is three times a s big a box as the current ones). And a three times as big battery, if I had taken my laptop in to the store, my battery and the MacBook;s battery would cover the whole bottom zone of either laptop. The Macbook also has no mechanical latch, it’s all done by magnets. The wireless abiltiy is the same as the MacBook Pro, WiFi and Bluetooth. The one interesting thing about the power supply for the MacBook in comparison to the MacBook Pro is that the MacBook eats up half as much energy as the MacBook Pro. The IR port for the Front Row remote is on the far right side, and to the immediate left of that is the sleep light/ notifier. Due to the no mechanical latch, the iSight is right where the latch is on the iBook G4. The one other noteable thing is the keyboard, instead of a removeable one, it is completely unde the casing, and that means about a cm space or so inbetween each key. That also means that when you take out the battery, you find the airport card slot and the memory slots. The screen of the MacBook is way way nicer than any of the other screens except (of course) the one of the MacBook Pro. It looks like the MacBooks come with a 80 GB hard drive, and a built-in firewire port of the old (non-square) kind for extra hard drives. You can check out Apple’s MacBook site for extra information, however some of what I said here would not be on their site.