The Second Intersession At An End

/ 6 March 2006

As I do random things (some getting ready for the first day of the third quarter) I can’t help but think about all that has changed in my personal life since this intersession break started. To start, at the beginning of the break part of the second intersession the renovation that had been going on since I started 7th grade ended (read my blog entry on it). The same day that ended my parents (Mary and Eric moved upstairs into it, leaving their old room to my brother Nathaniel, who imediatly started cluttering up the floor with junk that he had stored under his bed. The renovation ended and on Thursday we went to Ikea to get PAX wardrobes for my parents to store their clothes in, a GUSTAV desk for Nathaniel’s room, and (since my current desk is too large) a JERKER desk for me (the one shown in the link isn’t the one I got, I couldn’t find the page that shows the one I got). On Sunday the stuff arrived and that same day Eric and Nathaniel put Nathaniel’s dask together. The next step will be the PAX, but we want to restain the dressing room floor first. Lastly we’ll do my desk (since I at least have a desk my desk isn’t as urgent as Nathaniel’s desk or the PAX is).

The second change is that I got a graphing calculator for my math classes this quarter. When I got home after first getting it (since I {on the way home} already figured out the basic controls for graphing and showing base data) I downloaded multiple TI programs that I wrote, and multiple TI apps that came with the calculator on a CD.

The third and last thing that happened on Sunday was that I got a new cousin. One of my aunts has been pregnant for a while and gave birth to her first daughter on Sunday morning. I don’t know yet what her name is, though.

That’s all, bye.