My Appointment At Mayo Clinic In Rochester

/ 2 August 2004

Today I went to Rochester to see doctors at the Mayo Clinic for a second opinion on surgery that I will have next Tuesday at Gillette. I think the doctors pointed out good things to consider for the surgery. Most of what they said, though, was stuff I already knew just said defferently. It was nice because it gave me a large piece of time to think about the surgery and all the stuff that goes with it, like the hospital stay. Mainly it will mark time in the sense that since (in the past) 40 years later the same things happen again even after the kind of surgery that I will be going though, but for me because of technology innovations that may not necessarily happen for me. The amount of time it takes to get there and back (1:45 min. there and 1:45 min. back) really is worth it since it is good to get second opinions on stuff like surgery.