Surgery I Will Have

/ 30 July 2004

As it gets closer to the end of the school year it also gets closer to surgery I will have on my right foot. The reason this will happen is becoulse I had a right-sided hemi perasis at birth. It has been 12 years now since then and I have tried hard to hold off on this surgery but now at the age of 12 I need to do it. I will have a second oopinion for it on Monday the 2nd of August at Mayo Clinic in Rochester to see if it is still a good idea to do this surgery. The actual surgery will be done at Gillette Childrens, though it is likely that they share surgery stuff with Regions hospital. Of course before the surgery I will get a tour of the place so I’m not totally clueless when it actualy happens. During the 3 to 4 day hospital recovery stay time I will write in my weblog a lot. So you may want to check it out every so often. I will be recovering for 8 to 10 weeks after the actual surgery, though only 3 to 4 days of that will be spent in the hospital, and even more of it I will be in a walking cast.