My New Blke

/ 5 June 2004

Below is a story that explains my new bike. Hope you like it. Remember that I originaly created it for school.

The activity I’m good at is riding my recumbant bicycle I got last tuesday. I can ride it so fast that event the slowest I can go my mom has to jog fast to keep up. The way I do it since I have a rightsided hemi-perasis is that my right peadle has a scrap and a toe clip to keep my foot on it. The way the actual bike works is that the peadals turn three gears all of which can have the chain on them but only one of them have it on them at once. Then in the middle there is a gear that turns to help it stay on the other two gears. Then finally on the back the chain wraps around one out of seven gears that can have it around. At the same time on the other side of the bike there are seven gears that sycronize with the main chain to send the secondary chain to the wheel post-thing itself.

The picture above is of me on my bike. Well good-bye.