My Computer Breaking

/ 17 April 2004

This is the first blog in a while since my laptop has been broken. In this entry I will tell you about what happened and how the problem was solved. So let’s begin. It all began in social studys at school last Monday when I was taking notes. My computer just froze. I tried restarting it but it diden’t work. So after a while I just gave up. When I got home my dad tried to restart it and it worked. So we thought nothing of it for the rest of the day. But the next day the same thing happened. But this time in the beginning of the day. So all during the better part of the day I let Mr. Nelson (the person who has helped me on some stuff in the past) work with it for the time. But he couldent get it to work. So like the day before I just gave up. That evening my dad called apple care to see what was wrong. After a 20 minute wait for someone to talk to we sat down and went though many procedures and none of them worked. So we had to send it in for repairs. If you have a apple computer and need help like we did click here to go to a site that should help you a lot. All you do is go and pick what you have problems with and the site should give you a list of helpful hints. Also if you want to purchase a laptop like mine (a iBook) click here to go to the online apple store and a site that has the stuff you need on it. Well good-bye. A