Lord Of The Rings Stuff

/ 31 March 2004

In this entry I will tell you things I know about the lord of the rings and give you some links about it. So let’s begin. First I want to add in here two storys I made that kind of continue the entire lord of the rings trilogy. The first is something I wrote that is meant to be Sam writing his very first entry in the journal that “There And Back Again” was originaly wrote in. So it’s below. Click on the continue thing to see the rest. Sam’s Story (Return Of The King Continued His Way)

So when I got back from the dock I cried and cried about Frodo. Then when I was in the Hobbit Hole I told them everything. But when I opened the book up I relized that I had axidently took something with me from Rivendell That I diden’t expect. It was a small stone of elvish type. I set it on my bed and then read them what Frodo had writen. But I was ashamed by some of what he wrote. After that I relized what the stone really is. It is the one and only stone that Fili had with him since he was at Rivendell. Which meant that it was the anciant bond to hold all elves together. So I read what Bilbo had writen and then understood more of what the stone was and how Frodo got into the ring mess. But that wasen’t all becoulse right at that moment Saroman knoked at the door. Not knowing it was him I led him in. He took all our old wepons and messed up Hobiton. It would of been gone forever if I diden’t have the stone from Rivendell. I just though it and it knoked him out of the shire in to the river of Rivendell. Finaly with some instinct I started cuting the grass by Bag-End. Lucily no one pulled me into Bag-End. But later the stone acted like the ring and I became like Golum. (Now I had to have my wife write this down becoulse I coulden’t write). The End Forever.

But some of what is writen above wasen’t at all noted in any of the books or any of the movies (just a note). Second is something that Frodo had writen on a old piece of paper he had in his pocket when he boarded the ship. So it’s below.

Frodo’s Story

After we left I cried for Sam. But Bilbo stopped me. The boat was shaking when we where exitong Middle Earth so we never where able to exit Middle Earth ever. But for the same reson we coulden’t exit Middle Earth we coulden’t renter it either. So we where pretty much dead stuck. We ended up dieing there. The End.

You may have noticed that this story was way shorter than the first one. But you may have also relized that there was a storm in the story and that storm is meant to be a storm that Sauroman had caried with him to Hobbitton. Well now that the first part of this long blog entry is over I will start the shorter part of this blog entry. So let’s begin. This second part is a total experiment to see what this blog program will do. So below I have a iTunes thing that should make a link to a place where you can purchase this Lord Of The Rings song that I am listening to. The song is The Return of the King from the album “Return of the King” by Howard Shore. Keep in mind that this second part was a total experiment and I don’t yet know really where this will point you to. Well now let’s head on to the third and last part of this blog entry. So let’s begin. Welcome to the one and only blog entry that encludes a list of links to web pages where you can learn about the lord of the rings and see entresting things as well. So below is the list.

  1. Middle Earth Maps

2. Set Of LOTR Web Sites

That is all I will give you. Well good-bye.