Art Photos For Art Class In School

/ 21 March 2004

On friday since I had Botox (see below this entry for details) I wasen’t at school. But that dosen’t mean I diden’t do the work that my classmates were doing. Friday evening I did a social studies test and just earlier today I took pictures for art that I will modify in art tomorow. In this entry I will tell you all about the stuff I did. So now to begin. First I took the pictures outside (since they needed to be landscape photos). Then I imported them into iPhoto on my computer. My first step after I imported them was to make sure that all of them were the right way up. After that I exported them to both a file format and a webpage format. To see the webpage click here. Then I burned all of the photos on to a CD for the art teacher to have (even though she could just go to the webpage to see them. That was prety much all I did for art over the weekend. Hope you enjoyed this entry. Well good-bye.