What My Lego City Looks Like

/ 20 March 2004

Just yesterday I changed my lego city a lot. In this entry I will explain what I did to make the city and link to places where you can purchase the stuff I have for my city. This entry may be a lot like the catolog I had on my blog a ffew days ago. So let’s begin. First (like any city) I put roads in. The kinds I put in where curved roads, straight roads, “T” roads, and cross roads. Then I added base plates to bild bildings on. Then I said to myself “this city needs law enforcement stuff so the people don’t kill eachother” so I added in a police station to the city for that reason (law enforcement). Then I added recreational stuff so the citizens could have fun. “What about rescue” I said to myself so I added fire and rescue stuff. That was pretty much the end. I hope you have enjoyed learning all about my lego city. I also hope that I have influenced you (if you like legos that is) to purchase the vorious items listed in my explanation and create your own lego city. Be sure when you click on one of the items to surf all around the lego website. Well good-bye.