Botox Yesterday

/ 20 March 2004

Yesterday I diden’t go to school becoulse I was at the hospital geting botox injected into my right leg to help my right foot flaten out hopefully. So in this entry I will tell you all about the time I had at the hospital yesterday. So when I first got there I went to height and wheight to be mesured to see how tall I am and to see how much I wheigh. Then we went to the waiting room to wait untill they where ready for us. During that time my dad was trying to get some sleep since he had stayed up most of the night the night before. After about ten minutes we where called up to the desk to see what room we would be in for the actual botox. We where in room blue one. When we got there Dr. Gormly (the doctor doing this with us) asked us a few questions and started talking about the posibility of doing surgery on my right foot. Then he went in to his ofice to talk to some people about it. During that time we read the book The Hobbit and finished it. Later around 12:30 pm they came in to do the botox. Twenty minutes later they where done with it and we left. Well good-bye all you guys out there.