What We Did In Music Yesterday

/ 19 March 2004

Okay before I tell you all about exactly what we did in music yesterday I need to tell you all about the teacher Mr. Schleisman. Okay so first he is really really nice. Second he is really strict but that is nowhere near as much as he is nice. See below for a picture of him before I continue.

Now to get to what we did in music class. First we learned all about the Curibean history ( history of the Curibean). Then we went over to the instruments and started making up our own song based on stuff we learned in tests and lectures Mr. Schleisman gave us. See below for the test that we based most of the music stuff on. Click the continue thing to continue reading. Alex Celeste Earth 2 3-16-04

  1. B and D
  2. Austria
  3. D
  4. True
  5. Base
  6. A
  7. B
  8. Boss sort of person
  9. A
  10. False
  11. The Opera Script
  12. He revised them from their original form

Sorry I don’t have the questions for you to see.After all the composing was over with the piriod was over with. Well good-bye.