What I Did I Social Studies Today

/ 15 March 2004

In social studies today we talked all about the amendments to the constitution. F.Y.I. the teacher is Ms. Siskow (picture below)

First we talked about what to Bear Arms means. It means to hold a gun. But during the same time my mom was sending my e-mail mesages about a lego kit that we were ordering. For your information the kit information is #7046 Fire Comand Craft $30.00. Also if you want to buy this item click here to see the web stuff all about the kit. But anyways then we talked all about the restrictions meant for that amendment. The last thing I will tell you is that below is the entire file with all the notes I made about what we talked about. Alex Celeste Cohort 2 3-15-04 federalisim= is where power is shared between the central (federal) goverment and the states. Federalists were people who supported the constitution, even without the Bill of Rights. Antifederalists were people who did not support the constitution becoulse it did not give enough rights to the people. ——————————————————— The First Amendment Cannot make you be a certin religin or make a religin put in place for everyone to practice. Cannot stop you from aproching a religin. Petition= to ask in a writen form. Redress of grivences= fix mastakes and correct a wrong. ——————————————————— The Second Amendment The right to bear arms unless the place you are in says that you can’t unless you are a police oficer (conceal and carry). Militia= a small group of soldiers, they are civilians (non-military) but only serve their ccountry during emergencies. unprofesional and untrained Bear Arms= to be able to own guns Well good-bye all you guys out there.