Going With Erin To Camp Snoopy

/ 14 March 2004

Before I tell about the time I had at Camp Snoopy I need to tell you about my freind Erin. So to begin every sunday for the past two years about we get together either at her house or at my house. I also sometiimes go to her birthday parties. Which brings me to what this blog’s actual porpose is (going to camp snoopy) becoulse yesterday was her birthday and instead of having a party she decided to take both me and her sister to camp snoopy at the Mall Of America. So now I will tell you all about the entire time I had there. So when we got there and parked we first went to the arcade that they have there. On the way I saw the new ride they have at camp snoopy. The Timberland Twister. At the arcade we speant two whole hours. By the end we had all saved up at least 557 tickets to speand on prizes. Then we went and got dipin dots ice cream which we ate within 20 minites. Then we went on the Goast Busters ride which was a lot of fun. Then we left for Erin’s house. Well good-bye.