The Stuff I Am Doing In Language Arts This Quarter

/ 11 March 2004

Before I tell you what we are actuly doing in language arts I want to tell you about the teacher that teaches us it. His name is Jon Paulson (Mr. Paulson) and he is very fun to be with in class (even though some girls ran away from him in class). Below is a picture of him for you to look at.

Now that I have told you a bit about the teacher I will tell you all about what we are doing in the class. So the first day of the quarter we had the class (the second day of the quarter becoulse of the A and B scedule) we learned all about the classroom which is in the top of the “Middle Earth” part of the Earth House. Then we did a workssheet all about our names called “Names Etymology” I don’t have the original worksheet handy at the moment but I do have the answer key right here and it is below (even though this is the second blog it is in I think) Alex Celeste Cohort 2

  1. a. Protector of men (greek) b. Defend man (greek)
  2. Alexander
  3. Bad. Becoulse it is good and really nice.
  4. I feel good and safe.
  5. a. Alexander The great b. Alex Baldwin c. ten saints d. Alex trabeck e. Alexander O’Neal
  6. The qualities I think I have are art, and bilding.
  7. Yes. The one I have is Z. I like it a lot.
  8. The way I learned what my name meant was becoulse my parents told me and becoulse I just read it in books. So the first thing I thought it meant was gift from god (but Mr. Paulson’s is that so obviouly I was wrong). But my parents told me that it was half right but that my middle name was more that. Then just now I read that it meant protector and/or defender.

Then the next two days of the class we added to it and talked about it. Then after we where done with that we made a culture list with queations to answer (I diden’t add the answers in the version below). So it is below.

Alex Celeste Cohort 2

  1. Names
  2. Religin
  3. Belif
  4. Ansesters
  5. Values
  6. Clothing
  7. Language
  8. Food
  9. Berial
  10. Games
  11. (Math)
  12. Comunication
  13. Education
  14. Legends
  15. Ritual
  16. Celebrations
  17. Money
  18. Entertainment
  19. Location
  20. Arcitecture
  21. What kind of food is unique to my culture?
  22. What kinds of holidays/ celibrations do I have?
  23. How did my culture get it’s name?
  24. How was my culture created?
  25. Did my culture have/ has any conection to other cultures?

Then the last thing that I have done in language arts was this family tree which I don’t want to add to my blog. Well good-bye